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FSC® and PEFCTM: Certification of origin

The demand for certified products from responsible forest management has constantly been growing during the last years due to a greater awareness of environmental problems and sensitization of consumers. In addition to this, the demand from public and private sectors for products from ecologically and socially sound origin has also increased due to modified acquisition guidelines. As proof of origin, certification according to e.g. FSC or PEFC is valid.  The most important statement of certification is the origin of products from sustainable forest management. The certification does not cover, however, ecological aspects of production or further characteristics of the products such as harmful substances or CO2 neutrality.

Naturland: Criteria for ecological processing

Only the Association Naturland offers its own processing guideline for ecological wood products which not only proves the origin of wood, but also defines criteria for ecological processing. In addition to this, processing organizations along the chain of custody can be certified according to the Naturland standard. During processing, Naturland certified material has to be separated from other material. Ecological requirements for production (i.e. low energy consumption, recyclability of all non wood materials), package, transport and storage have also to be considered. The objective is to keep impacts on the environment as low as possible. After having obtained certification, products can be labeled with the Naturland trade mark according to the Naturland guidelines.


Which products/organisations can be certified?

All products from forests including non wood products like natural rubber, Brazil nuts, cocoa from wild harvesting and bamboo can be certified. Another important sector together with wood products is paper and print products. Also materials related to FSC certification, such as wood-based fibers and natural rubber, have long been an integral part of the textile industry. FSC covers the most diverse product types and all areas along the production chain. All these products can be advertised with the labels of forest certifications. In case of composed products, all certifiable materials are subject to control, no non certified components are allowed to be part of a certified product.

In principle, every type of organization which deals with wood or wood and paper products can apply for certification. Certification can also be realized for only a part of the product range or in case of larger organizations for single sites.Outsourced contract processors can usually be included with subject to certain circumstances. However, a requirement for the use of the label is always the purchase of material from certified suppliers.

In order to guarantee an unbroken supply chain each organization which has legal ownership of the product has to be certified. This is also valid for brokers or importers which do not gain physical possession of the product.

Joint audit for FSC and PEFC certification?

In detail, the requirements of FSC and PEFC differ from each other, but in general, they are quite similar. A double certification according to both systems is possible and can be realized by a joint audit.

Read more about the certification of wood-, printing- and paper products.


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