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PEFC requirements

PEFC pursues the same policy like FSC® and allows the mixture of non certified material in PEFC products which does not originate from „controversial sources“. Either already controlled material can be purchased or the control has to be realized by the organization itself. For the control, a due diligence system (DDS) has to be established. Definitions and requirements for this system are mentioned in chapter 5 of the PEFC Standard 2002:2013.

“Controversial sources” are defined by PEFC as follows:

Forest activities which are
  • not complying with local, national or international legislation, applying to forest related activities.
  • not complying with legislation of the country of harvest relating to trade and customs, in so far as the forest sector is concerned.
  • utilizing genetically modified forest based organisms.
  • converting forest to other vegetation type, including conversion of primary forests to forest plantations.

Furthermore, it is not permitted to use material specified as follows:
  • Conflict timber.
  • Forest based material from countries on which sanctions concerning the export/import of such materials have been imposed by the UN, EU or national governments respectively.

Control system

The control procedure of PEFC has to be realized for each supplier and consists of two steps:

  1. Gathering of information: All suppliers of material which is subject to the DDS have to provide information on the material/product (trade name, type), the tree species included in the material/product as well as country of harvest of the material/product, if necessary. 
  2. Risk assessment: The organization has to carry out its own risk assessment for each source of supply. The risk has to be assessed both on the supply chain level and on the level of origin.  For example, FSC certified material is considered as „controlled supply chain“ and if also the region of origin is assessed as „negligible risk“, the material concerned can be used.

If a significant risk has been determined for one of these levels, the material cannot be used for PEFC production.

Our service

  • Control of the PEFC due diligence system (DDS) in order to avoid raw material from controversial sources as a part of the normal chain of custody control program.

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