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Social accountability is an important factor in the selection of business partners in a global market place. For Life Social Responsibility certification is tailored to operators who want to either demonstrate their own social responsibility practices or ensure such practices along their supply chains to optimize supplier qualification processes.

Setting a good example and keep the trust of consumers, regulators and community through socially responsible practices

In today’s global business culture, ensuring social responsibility of global vendors is often outside the ability of many companies. The For Life programme offers annual third party inspection and certification of key social criteria by a highly qualified external verifier.

For Life certification confirms that good working conditions are provided as expressed in the ILO conventions, such as absence of prohibited child labour, non-discrimination, good working conditions and remuneration, health and safety aspects, reasonable working hours and social security coverage.


Your advantage

  • Demonstration of fair business practices through independent third party certification
  • Verification of socially responsible company performance of suppliers; detailed audit report
  • Free use of the For Life Logo for all certified companies (on products only if supply chain of products is certified)
  • Performance rating offers incentive for companies to further improve their performance beyond minimum requirements every year.
  • Transparency by publication of performance rating
  • Flexibility by adapting an individual plan for social improvement.

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For detailed information please visit the Fair for Life website!



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