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The Association Naturland e.V. with headquarters in Germany has been involved in eco-certification since 1982 with its main focus on agriculture. With its label for organic food, Naturland has an excellent reputation. In 1996, even earlier than FSC® Germany, Naturland established a guideline for close to nature forest management. On the basis of this guideline, the first forest management certificates at all were issued in Germany.

In some issues, the forest guideline of Naturland is stricter than FSC in particular with regard to the use of exotic (non native) tree species and unmanaged set-aside areas. Due to the increasing market importance of FSC, the organizations certified according to the Naturland guidelines in Germany have formed an FSC group and obtained double certification since then. Ecocert IMOswiss AG executes all inspections for Naturland and exclusively offers worldwide certification according to the Naturland standard.

Likewise, Naturland offers either individual certificates or the participation in a group certification with a joint certificate; in these cases, the Naturland Association has to be contacted for offers and detailed information on procedures.
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