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Ecocert IMOswiss AG provides competent professionals all over the world for all questions concerning certification according to the FSC®, PEFCTM and Naturland standards. First of all, Ecocert IMOswiss is represented in the German speaking region and its neighboring countries. Through our regional offices in many other countries, we also benefit from the professional competence of our local experts. In Latin America, India and China, we work with local auditors.

Ecocert IMOswiss AG is independent and not affiliated with FSC or PEFC. An objective control of your organization and the reliability of the certification are guaranteed. All our staff is committed to confidentiality.

In total, the Department of Forestry and Timber has issued more than 200 FSC certificates and is in charge of clients on three continents. Many processing operations hold both certification systems – FSC as well as PEFC.



Ecocert IMOswiss AG has been accredited for the FSC Certification of Forest Management (FM) and Processing (CoC) since 1998 and for the PEFC Certification of Processing (CoC) since 2004. Since the introduction of the FSC Standards for Controlled Wood, we have also included this accreditation in our portfolio. We carry out audits according to all relevant standards and issue certificates for individual organizations, Multi-site operations or groups.

In order to estimate costs and the time frame for the certification process in view of the large number of different standards, it is important to previously evaluate the situation of the organization and the applicable standards. Therefore, all necessary information is requested in our application form. This way, an offer can be requested from Ecocert IMOswiss AG. We elaborate a binding calculation of costs and a plan for the course of the certification indicating the time frame and all necessary steps in detail.

Alternatively, you are also very welcome to contact us by telephone in order to discuss your situation and we are able to personally answer your questions. In case of need, we can also offer you a preliminary control or pre-evaluation for resolving single critical issues.

The duration of the certification depends on size and complexity of the organization. In case of small processing operations with only one location and good audit preparation, the certification can be concluded within a month.

In case of forest enterprises, the first certification always takes more time because of the more extensive procedure; at least three months have to be calculated.

Please click the links for detailed information on the certification procedure of Forest Management and Wood and Paper (CoC).

Preparation and Preliminary Clarification

For complex problems, an intensive preparation is reasonable. This may concern large organizations with several sites or complex structures or special issues which cannot clearly be classified within the existing standards. Often basic questions concerning the interpretation of individual indicators arise within the organization which can be resolved on site with an example. The intensity of preparation can be reduced as required.

Informal preliminary clarifications or preliminary controls only deal with issues and questions chosen by the organization; also duration and form can be determined by the client: From a mere conversation on site to a detailed report. This way, crucial problems can be resolved with little expense before taking a decision concerning the certification.

A pre-evaluation is a preliminary control formally defined and provided by FSC which also includes special requirements for the report format. Under certain circumstances, it is obligatory for forests, for example in case of very large organizations or especially vulnerable eco-systems. A voluntary pre-evaluation can be realized both for forests and processing operations.

During the pre-evaluation, all critical requirements are controlled in order to determine whether a certification is possible. The report describes the necessary corrective actions which have to be fulfilled previous to the certification. Based on the results of this report, a focused preparation for the main audit can be realized by the organization.

After the pre-evaluation, the regular main audit can be reduced and simplified. Furthermore, the organization receives a binding statement on its situation and its possibility of certification with notably lower costs than for a complete audit.

Consulting, Training and Presentations

For organizations which are will not be certified by Ecocert IMOswiss AG, we offer consulting, training and presentations according to your needs, i.e. training of internal auditors or employees involved in certification. We can also support you with an internal management handbook or the implementation of corrective actions for your certification. In case of complicated interpretations of standards, it might be helpful to receive a second independent opinion. We can also realize a confidential clarification with the standard setting institution FSC or PEFC for you.

Our Team

With our multidisciplinary expert team we are able to offer flexible and prompt certification. All members from our Department of Forestry and Timber have a background in forestry, timber industry or similar. Some of our auditors have more than 10 years of audit experience in many different branches, both for forests and for timber and paper. The high quality of our audits is guaranteed by  intensive training and constant internal qualification of all our professionals.

We offer worldwide audits in German, English, French and Spanish. Furthermore, our local auditors are Chinese and Portuguese native speakers respectively.


Office Kreuzlingen, SwitzerlandTel.: +41 (0) 71 62 60 628
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Tel.: +49 (0) 7641 93 54 881

You can call our office daily (Mo – Fr) from 8-12 am and 1-5 pm.


Department of Forestry & Timber
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