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The procedure for FSC® certification is worldwide uniform and for both scopes (forest management and processing/ trading), the same principals are valid. There are, however, some additional requirements for forest organizations which are not relevant for processing / trading operations.

The basis for the certificate is the individual contract between the organization or group management and the certification body. In this contract, the organization commits to complying with the FSC standards. Only after the conclusion of this contract, the certification procedures can start. Special items for forest organizations are stakeholder consultation and peer review.

For forest organizations, some requirements exist concerning public information and handling of third party inquiries. Preliminary to certification, stakeholders of regional importance from ecological, economic or social areas are informed on the upcoming assessment and asked to make comments. By means of their participation, eventual conflicts shall be avoided and special needs concerning forest management shall be revealed. During the audit, concern from stakeholders will be discussed with the organization and the handling of the respective issues will be controlled.

After having concluded the audit report, an additional control of the entire certification procedure is provided by an external expert (peer review). This expert has to be independent and a qualified professional for forest management in the region concerned. She/he verifies the results of the audit and pronounces her / his own recommendation concerning the legitimacy of the certification.

Another particularity is the public report for forest organizations which has to be made available in the data base of FSC in the national language of the organization as well as in an international language (English or Spanish). Thus, the audit report is available to a broad public. The public report does not contain any confidential information. This will be restricted to the internal part of the report.

1. Contact Ecocert IMOswiss AG and we discuss your situation and conditions. You can also fill in our application form. 4. During the Stakeholder Consultation, relevant local stakeholders are informed and asked to pass potential comments regarding the forest management of the organization (only in case of main audits). 8. The Peer review is an additional external control which is only necessary for the first audit.
2. You receive an offer according to your special requirements in which all necessary steps for the certification process are mentioned. 5. A pre- evaluation is partly prescribed by FSC for large organizations or groups. Only critical issues or parts of the organization are controlled. 9. After having successfully concluded the audit without any serious deviations, you will receive the certificate and will be included in the public data base of FSC.
3. After the conclusion of the contract, the certification procedures can start. From this moment on, the public has to be informed on the upcoming assessment. 6. During the main audit on site, the compliance of the complete standard is controlled within the whole organization. 10. Annual audits guarantee the permanent compliance with the standards.

7. A report documents the results of the audit and describes any existing non-conformities from the requirements.


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